Word 10 hours @$500.00 plus GST

Session 1
Section A: The Word Window
Opening Word & the Word Window
Opening Past Documents

Section B: Selecting
Select & Do
The Undo Command
Selecting More Efficiently

Section C: Commands & Shortcuts
Deleting, Moving, & Copying Text
Menus, Buttons, & Shortcuts
Personalized Menus & Toolbars
More Toolbars
The Right Click

Section D: Maintaining Your Sanity
Saving Your Work
Fixing Mistakes
Saving & Salvaging Your Work

Section E: Templates
Page Setup Templates
Customizing Your Default Text
Template Options
Creating Templates
Finding & Altering Templates

Section F: Creating Content
Typing Basics
Word's Helpful Hints
Accents & Signs
AutoCorrect & Autoformat
AutoCorrect & Its Functions

Section G: Formatting
Using the Right Click
Viewing Fonts Correctly
The Paragraph Command

Section H: Printing
Print Preview
Printing Options


Session 2
Section A: Copy, Paste & Paste Special
Open Dialog Box
Select, Copy & Paste
Paste Special
The Clipboard
Collect & Paste

Section B: Automating Content Creation
AutoCorrect & AutoComplete

Section C: Lists
Bulleted Lists
Picture Bullets
Numbered Lists
Online Numbered Lists
Customizing Online Numbered

Section D: Format Techniques
Paragraph Command & Formatting
Click & Type
Font Command
Borders & Shading Command
Format Painter & Repeat Command
Style Command

Section E: Understanding Tables
What should be in a Table

Section F: Creating Tables
Adding a Table
Formatting a Table
Automating Table Creation

Section G: Managing Tables
Table Selection Shortcuts
Table Properties Command
Adding & Deleting Columns
Splitting & Merging Cells
Tables & Borders Toolbar

Section H: Tabs
Types of Tab Stops
Creating, Moving & Deleting Tab
Decimal & Leader Tab Stops

Section I: Saving & Sending
"Save AS" & "Send TO" Commands
Web Page Preview & Save as
Web Page
Creating Folders from "Save As"




Session 3
Section A: Thesaurus, Find & Replace
Thesaurus, Find & Replace
"More Option" of the Replace

Section B: Using Graphics
Adding & Positioning Clip Art
Formatting Clip Art
Inserting & Formatting a Picture
Inserting & Formatting WordArt
Drawing Toolbar

Section C: Text Flow
Inserting Page Flow
Line & Page Breaks

Section D: Navigating Long Documents
Heading Styles & Go To
Bookmarks & Keyboard Shortcuts

Section E: Sections
Inserting a Section Book
Page Orientation
Borders & Shading Tab
Vertical Alignment

Section F: Columns
Reformatting Text into Multiple
Adding Text into Multiple Columns
Column Break Command

Section G: Headers & Footers
Page Numbers
Headers & Footers Toolbar

Section H: Complex Headers & Footers
Modifying First Page Headers &
Modifying Section Headers &

Section I: Letters, Envelopes & Labels
Letter Wizard
Creating Letter Templates
Adding a Date & Saving the Template
Envelopes & Labels

Section J: Mail Merge
Creating a Data Source for Mail
Inserting Merge Fields
Merging & Review

Section K: Complex Mail Merge
Creating Data Sources in Excel
Creating Mailing Labels
Sorting & Filtering


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