Microsoft Access 10 hours @$500.00 plus GST

    Course outline and description

    Microsoft Access is a powerful program to create and manage your databases. It has many built in features to assist you in constructing and viewing your information. Access is much more involved and is a more genuine database application than other programs such as Microsoft Works.

    Introduction into Microsoft Access
    Starting Up Microsoft Access
    Creating New, and Opening Existing Databases
    Creating a database using a wizard
    Creating a database without using a wizard
    Tables - What they are and how they work
    Create a table from scratch in Design view

    Primary Keys
    Switching Views
    Entering Data
    Manipulating Data
    Advanced Table Feature Examples
    Relationships - How to link multiple tables together
     Forms - What they are and how they work
    Creating A Form Using A Wizard
    Reports - What they are and how they work
    Creating A Report Using A Wizard
    Creating Mail Merge Labels using a Wizard